7 Ways to be Peaceful Daily

Today is the International Day of Peace. Peace be with you and them, and him, and her and all. Even if you pride yourself of being as chill as the Dali Llama, today can be an excellent reminder that when given the opportunity, we should always choose peace. Peace for ourselves and peace for the pack.

If you tend to run a little hot and have no idea where to start, I thought I’d do the honor of presenting practical ways to be more peaceful. Disclaimer: one or more tips is likely to include popping bottles.

  1. SLOW DOWN – Take time for a deep breath or two, and look around. For a few minutes, identify things in your presence you may have overlooked in haste. When you reprogram to find beauty in the mundane and passion in the routine, things smooth themselves out.
  2. MEDITATE – Find somewhere quiet, focus on the breath, close your eyes and mindfully check out. Give your brain a break, and when you invite thoughts back in, be scrupulous. Not every thought merits space on your radar.
  3. TAKE A WALK IN NATURE -Fresh air, sunshine and space make the perfect equation for finding peace. Getting outside and stimulating the body and mind are great options for maintaining good physical and mental health.
  4. EMBRACE SOUND – If you can’t steal away to the sounds of nature or a quiet reprieve, learn to love the sounds of others thriving around you. Joy can be shared easily, so you may even consider getting involved.
  5. FIND A POSITIVE TRIBE – I’ve always loved the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” but if you’re struggling to have a peaceful mindset, you have to be more intentional with who you allow to surround you. When looking for peaceful buds, seek out those who share a common interest like yoga (hint, hint) or attend a WINE CLUB (*hint, hint, hint!)
  6. HUG YOUR PET – Get your endorphins going with a little fur baby love! And if you don’t have a pet, volunteering is another way to conjure up inner-peace, and many shelters welcome the help.
  7. TREAT YOURSELF – You know the feeling when you finally take a load off with a cold brew? You kick back, take a sip of a fresh beer, and literally “AHHHHH” with satiated content. Peace can come easy as that! Sometimes a little splurge can be the truest form of self-care. Inner peace comes with love for yourself.

Hope that you’re taking time to enjoy a happy and peaceful Tuesday! Til later, take care friends <3